Those Girls audiobook by Chevy Stevens
  1. Status: Completed

  2. Version: Unabridged

  3. Author: Chevy Stevens

  4. Play: 638

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Those Girls audiobook by Chevy Stevens

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Hey there audiobook fans!

Welcome to, your go-to spot for all things audiobooks. Today, I’ve got a thrilling recommendation for you – Those Girls by Chevy Stevens. If you’re into mysteries, thrillers, and suspenseful tales that keep you on the edge of your seat, then this one is definitely worth a listen.

In Those Girls, Stevens takes us on a rollercoaster ride through the lives of three sisters who find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. Narrated by the talented trio of Jorjeana Marie, Emily Woo Zeller, and Nicol Zanzarella, this audiobook will have you hooked from start to finish.

I remember listening to this one during a road trip last summer and let me tell you, it made those long hours fly by! The multiple narrators brought each character to life in their unique way, making it easy to get lost in the gripping story. The twists and turns had me gasping out loud (much to my passenger’s amusement), keeping me guessing until the very end.

So grab your headphones or turn up those car speakers because Those Girls is waiting for you. Get ready for an intense journey full of secrets, deception, and heart-stopping moments that will leave you wanting more.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us on our fan page or Twitter after diving into this electrifying mystery novel!

Happy listening,

Jaden – at

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