The First Heretic audiobook – The Horus Heresy, Book 14
  1. Status: Completed

  2. Version: Unabridged

  3. Narrator: Gareth Armstrong

  4. Play: 317

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The First Heretic audiobook – The Horus Heresy, Book 14

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  • Soulful_Exploration
  • Part One - Grey-839248696
  • Quotes-839248687
  • Prologue - The Grey Warrior-839248684
  • I - False Angels-839248675
  • Chapter One - The Perfect City; False Angels; Day of Judgement-839248660
  • II - The Last Prayer-839248597
  • Chapter Two - Serrated Sun; Devastation; Aurelian-839248519
  • Chapter Three - Blood Demands Blood; Sigillite; The Master of Mankind-839248495
  • Chapter Four - A Legion Kneels; If Ultramar Burns; Grey-839248480
  • Chapter Five - The Old Ways; The Soul’s Fuel; New Eyes-839248462
  • Chapter Six - Kale the Servitor; Unfocused; Warrior-Priest-839248435
  • Chapter Seven - Compliance; Swords of Red Iron; Carthage-839248420
  • Chapter Eight - Like Home; Gold, not Grey; At the Heart of a Fallen City-839248408
  • Chapter Nine - Crimson King; The City of Grey Flowers; Blessed Lady-839248354
  • Chapter Ten - The Right to Lead a Legion; Empyrean; Misery-839248330
  • Chapter Eleven - In a God’s Service; Confession; The Pilgrimage-839248297
  • III - The Faceless Tarot-839248264
  • Part Two - Pilgrimage-839248234
  • IV - A Child's Dreams-839248222
  • Chapter Twelve - Death; Final Flight of Orfeo’s Lament; Two Souls-839248156
  • Chapter Thirteen - Incarnadine; Stormlost; Voices in the Void-839248132
  • Chapter Fourteen - Violet Eyes; Two Voices; Answers-839248129
  • Chapter Fifteen - Sacrifice; Baptism of Blood; Unworthy Truths-839248111
  • Chapter Sixteen - Orfeo’s Lament; The Storm Beyond the Glass; Chaos-839248075
  • Chapter Seventeen - A Dead Empire; Revelations; Genesis-839248042
  • Chapter Eighteen - A Hundred Truths; Resurrection; Return-839248003
  • Chapter Nineteen - Confession; Restoration; The Gal Vorbak-839247976
  • V - Smoke and Mirrors-839247958
  • Part Three - Crimson-839247898
  • Chapter Twenty - Three Talents; A New Crusade; The Crimson Lord-839247874
  • Chapter Twenty-One - Machinations; A Curious Deception; Indulgence-839247868
  • Chapter Twenty-Two - An Idea; Brothers; The Ordained Hour-839247772
  • Chapter Twenty-Three - Traitors; Possession; The Choice-839247718
  • Chapter Twenty-Four - Isstvan V; Traitors; In Midnight Clad-839247691
  • Chapter Twenty-Five - Second Wave; Changes; Betrayal-839247643
  • Chapter Twenty-Six - Dropsite Massacre; Hull Breach; In the Shadow of Great Wings-839247574
  • Chapter Twenty-Seven - An Image to Make his Name; Sacrifice; The Burden of Truth-839247514
  • Chapter Twenty-Eight - Aftermath; Blood is Life; An Unusual Welcome-839247463
  • Chapter Twenty-Nine - Cyrene; Never Human; A Completed Vow-839247424
  • VI - Valediction-839247379
  • Epilogue - The Crimson Lord-839247271
  • Outro-839247193

Hey there, fellow audiobook enthusiasts!
Welcome to my little corner where we dive deep into amazing stories brought to life through the power of audio. Today, I want to talk about ‘The First Heretic Audiobook’ – the 14th book in the epic ‘Horus Heresy’ series by none other than Black Library.

If you’re a fan of Warhammer 40,000 and love delving into the rich lore and intricate characters of this universe, then this is definitely a must-listen! In this installment, written by Aaron Dembski-Bowden, get ready to witness a game-changing event as chaos threatens to consume everything.

To make your listening experience even more captivating, The First Heretic is narrated by Gareth Armstrong. His voice acting skills are on point and he knows exactly how to bring these larger-than-life characters to life.

So grab your headphones and prepare for an intense journey through betrayal, loyalty, and dark secrets. I guarantee you won’t be able to press pause once you start listening!

Share this audiobook with your fellow Warhammer fans and don’t forget to connect with me on our fan page or Twitter.

Happy listening,

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