Flyte audiobook – Septimus Heap, Book 2
  1. Status: Completed

  2. Version: Unabridged

  3. Author: Angie Sage

  4. Narrator: Gerard Doyle

  5. Play: 131

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Flyte audiobook – Septimus Heap, Book 2

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Hey there, fellow book enthusiasts!
I’ve got an exciting treat for you today. It’s time to dive into the magical world of Septimus Heap once again with the Flyte audiobook, the second installment in the series written by Angie Sage.

Narrated by Gerard Doyle, this audiobook will transport you back to the enchanting realm filled with adventure, magic, and unforgettable characters. As a 27-year-old book lover, I must say that this series has a special place in my heart. The way Sage weaves together a captivating storyline with vivid descriptions never fails to amaze me.

In Flyte, we continue following the journey of young wizard-in-training Sepitmus Heap. With his newfound powers and growing confidence, Sepitmus faces new challenges as he delves deeper into his magical studies. Alongside his friends and allies, he must navigate treacherous waters and make life-altering choices.

Gerard Doyle’s narration adds an extra layer of brilliance to this already immersive story. His ability to bring each character to life through unique voices and emotions is truly exceptional. Listening to his voice makes the experience even more thrilling; it’s like having a personal guide through Septimus Heap’s world.

If you loved Magyk, then Flyte will undoubtedly leave you craving for more. So grab your headphones or turn up those speakers and get ready for another incredible audio journey alongside Septimus Heap and his magical companions.

Remember, if you enjoy this audiobook as much as I do (and I know you will), don’t forget to spread the word by sharing it with your friends on our fan page or Twitter!

Happy listening!

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