Dragon Planet audiobook – The Zero Chronicles, Book 2
  1. Status: Completed

  2. Version: Unabridged

  3. Author: Dan Wells

  4. Play: 608

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Dragon Planet audiobook – The Zero Chronicles, Book 2

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Hey there, fellow book enthusiasts!

Welcome to this amazing audiobook adventure I’ve got in store for you. Today, I want to introduce you to Dragon Planet, a fantastic audiobook written by the talented Dan Wells.

Now, let me tell you why this book is perfect for children. You know, growing up, I was always fascinated by dragons and their mythical world of fire-breathing adventures. And let me tell you something – Dragon Planet captures that magic perfectly! It’s filled with thrilling moments and exciting characters that will ignite the imagination of any young listener.

But what sets this audiobook apart is the incredible narration team behind it. We have Emily Woo Zeller leading the charge with her captivating voice which brings each character to life in a way that’s both engaging and relatable. And if that weren’t enough, we also have Steve Rimpici and a full cast joining in on all the fun!

If you’re looking for an enchanting journey into a world where dragons roam free, then grab your headphones and get ready for an unforgettable experience with Dragon Planet. Share it with all the little adventurers in your life or simply indulge in it yourself – there are no age limits when it comes to great stories!

Well my friend, I hope you enjoy every second of this awe-inspiring tale brought straight to your ears thanks to Audiobookexchangeplace.com.

Until next time,


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