The Unremembered Empire audiobook – The Horus Heresy, Book 27
  1. Status: Completed

  2. Version: Unabridged

  3. Author: Dan Abnett

  4. Narrator: David Timson

  5. Play: 146

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The Unremembered Empire audiobook – The Horus Heresy, Book 27

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  • 00_-_the_unremembered_empire_-_intro
  • 01_-_the_unremembered_empire_-_1_-_first_the_apparitions
  • 02_-_the_unremembered_empire_-_2_-_pharos
  • 03_-_the_unremembered_empire_-_3_-_from_the_heart_of_the_storm
  • 04_-_the_unremembered_empire_-_4_-_in_the_hall_of_the_lord_of_ultramar
  • 05_-_the_unremembered_empire_-_5_-_he_that_has_returned
  • 06_-_the_unremembered_empire_-_6_-_to_the_death
  • 07_-_the_unremembered_empire_-_7_-_greeted_by_death
  • 08_-_the_unremembered_empire_-_8_-_first_among_equals
  • 09_-_the_unremembered_empire_-_9_-_traitor_to_mankind
  • 10_-_the_unremembered_empire_-_10_-_a_pride_comes_to_ultramar
  • 11_-_the_unremembered_empire_-_11_-_communion
  • 12_-_the_unremembered_empire_-_12_-_brothers
  • 13_-_the_unremembered_empire_-_13_-_falling_angels
  • 14_-_the_unremembered_empire_-_14_-_death_in_the_fortress_of_hera
  • 15_-_the_unremembered_empire_-_15_-_kill_all_the_shadows
  • 16_-_the_unremembered_empire_-_16_-_blood_brothers
  • 17_-_the_unremembered_empire_-_17_-_hearth_and_home
  • 18_-_the_unremembered_empire_-_18_-_death_denied
  • 19_-_the_unremembered_empire_-_19_-_mortality
  • 20_-_the_unremembered_empire_-_20_-_alignment
  • 21_-_the_unremembered_empire_-_21_-_dreams_and_visions
  • 22_-_the_unremembered_empire_-_22_-_where_the_hammer_fell
  • 23_-_the_unremembered_empire_-_23_-_life_for_life
  • 24_-_the_unremembered_empire_-_24_-_the_unremembered_empire
  • 25_-_the_unremembered_empire_-_25_-_ends_and_beginnings

Hey there audiobook enthusiasts!

Looking for an exciting science fiction and fantasy adventure to get lost in? Well, look no further than The Unremembered Empire audiobook by the incredible author Dan Abnett. Brace yourself as he takes you on a mind-bending journey through a dynamic and intricate universe.

And let’s talk about the narrator, David Timson. With his smooth storytelling skills and engaging voice, he brings every character to life, making you feel like you’re right there alongside them in this epic tale.

If you’re craving thrilling battles, complex characters, and a world that will captivate your imagination, then The Unremembered Empire is the perfect audiobook for you.

So grab your headphones or pop it on in your car — wherever works best for you — sit back, relax, and let David Timson transport you into this unforgettable science fiction extravaganza.

Happy listening!
Jaden – at

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