Shattered Legions audiobook – The Horus Heresy, Book 43
  1. Status: Completed

  2. Version: Unabridged

  3. Narrator: Jonathan Keeble

  4. Play: 153

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Shattered Legions audiobook – The Horus Heresy, Book 43

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  • 01_meduson
  • 02_unforged
  • 03_immortal_duty
  • 04_grey_talon
  • 05_the_keys_of_hel
  • 06_deeds_endure
  • 07_the_noose
  • 08_unspoken
  • 09_the_seventh_serpent_-_chapter_1
  • 10_the_seventh_serpent_-_chapter_2
  • 11_the_seventh_serpent_-_chapter_3
  • 12_the_seventh_serpent_-_chapter_4
  • 13_the_seventh_serpent_-_chapter_5
  • 14_the_seventh_serpent_-_chapter_6
  • 15_the_seventh_serpent_-_chapter_7
  • 16_the_seventh_serpent_-_chapter_8
  • 17_the_seventh_serpent_-_chapter_9
  • 18_the_seventh_serpent_-_chapter_10
  • 19_the_seventh_serpent_-_chapter_11
  • 20_the_seventh_serpent_-_chapter_12
  • 21_hand_elect
  • 22_the_either_-_one
  • 23_the_either_-_two
  • 24_the_either_-_three

Hey there!

Welcome to my audiobook blog! I’m Jaden, and I’m super excited to share with you the amazing audiobook lineup we have today. First up, we have the Shattered Legions audiobook written by an all-star team of authors including Dan Abnett, Chris Wraight, David Annandale, Gav Thorpe, Graham McNeill, John French, Nick Kyme, and Guy Haley.

If you’re into science fiction and fantasy genres (which is totally my jam), then this one will definitely tickle your imagination. With a blend of thrilling action and mind-bending concepts, it’s bound to keep you on the edge of your seat.

And let’s not forget about our narrator for this masterpiece – Jonathan Keeble. This guy knows how to bring a story to life! You’ll be hooked from the moment he starts weaving his vocal magic.

So grab your headphones or turn up those speakers because Shattered Legions is here to transport you into an epic journey through space and fantastical realms. Don’t miss out on this one!

Keep in touch with us on our fan page or Twitter for more awesome audiobooks like this.

Happy listening!

Jaden – at

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