Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix Audiobook


Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix Audiobook

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Each of the seven books in the Harry Potter audiobook series chronicles one year in Harry’s adventures at Hogwarts and his battle against Lord Voldemort. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Audiobook is the 5th book in the Harry Potter series by J.K.Rowling, one of the toughest time of him at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix Audiobook Full Free Download
Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix Audiobook Full Free Download

The fifth hefty installment in J. K. Rowling’s renowned Harry Potter Audiobook series takes a uniquely psychological dark turn, putting the boy wizard at odds with his own identity and friendships as he continues to fight He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Now 15 years old, with four Voldemort battles under his belt, Harry is frustrated with the growing public skepticism regarding the Dark Lord’s return. Unfortunately, the Ministry of Magic is also voicing its doubts, and all of Hogwarts comes under the watchful eye of an oppressive Ministry representative.

Despite the additional problems of looming O.W.L. exams and Hagrid’s inexplicable absence, Harry’s main preoccupation is his vivid dreams, which take him to places — and make him witness events – that horrify and intrigue him. These dreams provide a shocking clue to his very existence, and when eventually they lead Harry to confrontation, the young wizard must cope with a tragic death and a telling prophecy about his future.

Intricate in plot, infused with tension, and deeply fulfilling on every level, Rowling’s continuation will leave fans open-mouthed and breathlessly anticipating what’s to come.

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Harry Potter Audiobook free download - Full collection
Harry Potter Audiobook free download – Full collection
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  1. So, I’ve been listening to this on my iPhone using Safari for a little over a week now and it’s worked great. However just now once I started a new chapter it kind of played, but was acting weird and then stopped working, so I refreshed the page, however now, no matter what I do (I’ve tried a few different browsers and even tried other Harry Potter books) the playlist/media player won’t show up! I’ve reopened the page too, and there is no where to put in the password. There is just like, nothing there other than the title of the book, your user name, this comment section and a few other small things. The page from before still works though (the page where you get the password and can only listen to some of the book). I don’t know if this is just something wrong on my end or what, but please let me know if anyone else is experiencing this! Thanks so much!


  2. Hey!
    So I was listening to the Stephen Fry version from many days and it was working absolutely fine. But then suddenly the track stopped loading. And now no matter what I do it will not play. I changed the browser, reopened the tab etc. The Jim Dale version is working fine though. But Stephen Fry isn’t.
    Please help. I’m on chapter 29 and just feel so desperate to get back to listening. Thanks


  3. I agree with the person above. The Jim Dale version is working, but for some reason the Stephen Fry version stopped working. I enjoy Stephen Fry’s reading so much more.

  4. Whenever there’s a chapter or two missing I go to another site so I don’t have to listen to Jim Dale. It’s one chapter at a time but its better than Jim Dale. But this is the best place to listen to full books. I haven’t had any missing chapters for a long time now. So thank you very much for having this site for everyone to listen to for free.

  5. I live on these books! Thank u for making them so easily accessible. Everything has always worked perfectly for me, although I always listen to the Jim Dale version. Started off with him and now if I try someone else it just sounds odd to me 🙂 don’t know what I’d do without this website while I do my housework


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